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Olivers legacy 


To all who know us know how much we loved our Oliver. 


In May 2024, we sadly lost our dear rabbit, Oliver,  to health complications. Despite exhausting all options, he succumbed to a long-term illness we were unaware of. Losing him, our first rabbit, was a heart-wrenching experience.


This journey opened our eyes to the incredible love that rabbits offer. They are remarkably intelligent beings who thrive in family environments, spreading joy and affection every moment. They greet each day with enthusiasm, eagerly seeking love and attention, and delightfully await your return for snuggles and treats.


We are now fundraising to honour his memory, through Honey's Bunnies Rabbit Rescue. Your support means the world to us and to these furry friends who bring so much happiness into our lives.


With heartfelt gratitude,

Liseanne & Cat



Located in Seaforth, Nova Scotia 

Honey's Bunnies Rabbit Rescue helps unwanted, orphaned and homeless bunnies find a place to be loved, appreciated and well cared for. 

Donate HERE 

They are looking to build a new facility to house their rescues.

They are in dire need of fosters & adopters.   


Fun Facts about Bunnies

They need space to run and jump, they love to follow you around the house.

 When they jump its called a "Binkie"

 A group of rabbits is called a "fluffle"

 You don't bathe bunnies, they do a great job grooming and getting soaked can be dangerous for them.

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