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Move with me.

Welcome! I'm a proud Nova Scotian, who has spent years exploring our beautiful world, seeking the extraordinary in everyday life. As a massage therapist, 500hr yoga teacher, retreat leader, and life coach, my mission is to infuse hearts with the warmth of peace, love, and joy.


I believe in guiding individuals on a journey to their inner selves through retreats, coaching, and yoga classes. Using the 5 senses to their fullest;  hands on nurturing assists, curated playlists, essential oils,  thoughtful locations, and so much more. Tuning in for a profound and lasting transformation, making personal growth natural, creative, and enjoyable. The goal is to return home feeling refreshed and renewed, living the life you've always dreamed of, effortlessly.


My main focus is to create a nurturing space where you can reconnect with your inner self and intuition. You can relax and ignite your inner light, whether through a week-long retreat or one-on-one sessions. My aim is to help you find the clarity and joy you deserve.

 with love, 


what students say

"As a woman well into my seventies who has two mechanical hips and a diagnosis of COPD I was questioning the wisdom of attending a yoga retreat at Nature Folks, even though I have practiced yoga on and off for years. There was no need to worry, Liseanne is such a gentle, knowledgeable teacher that I felt completely at ease, capable and invigorated within moments. I left that day feeling truly blessed."

"I have now attended two day retreats led by Liseanne and they have been the best, most relaxing days - the flow of the day is perfect and I slept so soundly afterward each time. The first one was a gift and the second I had to bring my mom to feel the calm, relaxation with my mom and share it with someone. Liseanne is so attentive to everyone's needs, making sure they are comfortable or are adjusted as needed, and has such a fantastic environment set up for everyone. I cannot wait for another retreat day! "

Liseanne doing dancer pose in paris
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